About the Vizzata research tool and method

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What Vizzata does

Vizzata provides us with a speedy way to find out:

  • People's reactions to content - this can be text, audio, images or video
  • Understanding what questions people have in response to content
  • How people's reactions change over a period of time
  • What people think when they are not in a group setting
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Where can Vizzata be used?

Vizzata is a new, validated research method that is applicable in a wide range of scenarios:

  • Understanding reactions to content or policy
  • A fast, low-cost alternative to focus groups
  • Testing and refining messages
  • Measuring engagement with content
  • Understanding public reactions to topical issues
  • Test display and TV advertisements
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Why is Vizzata different?

  • Lower cost than focus groups
  • Incredibly fast to implement
  • More insightful than online quesitonnaires
  • No facilitator bias
  • No "loud voices" or "group think"
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Vizzata Live: Rapid deployment

Vizzata can be deployed at short notice in crisis situations to provide results in under 48 hours

The service includes:

  • Study authoring and set-up
  • Recruitment of online panel
  • Deployment of the Vizzata study
  • Preliminary report
  • Final report & recommendations

The Vizzata Team

Professor Julie Barnett

Professor Julie Barnett

Professor of Health Psychology, University of Bath

Julie is a social psychologist with particular interests in the way in which people understand and communicate risk information, in behaviour change and in relation to how and when to engage and involve people in the development of policy and practice. Julie is one of the founders of Vizzata who designed and validated the method and tool. Read more >

Dave Fletcher

Dave Fletcher

Founder, White October

Dave is the founder and Managing Director of Oxford based web technology company White October. Founded ten years ago, the company applies the latest best practice to the creation of innovative online products. One of the original founders of Vizzata, Dave and White October have been responsible for the development of the platform over the last 4 years.

David Fell

David Fell

Founder, Brook Lyndhurst

David co-founded Brook Lyndhurst and remains one of its directors. He is an economist with 25 years research and strategy experience. He is regularly involved in difficult, challenging or highly novel research and policy questions in the field of pro-environmental behaviour change. As a result he has developed an impressive and diverse track record of consumer research.

Professor Chris Fife-Schaw

Professor Chris Fife-Schaw

University of Surrey

Chris is a psychologist with interests in the development of social research methods. He has studied a range of issues relating to public responses to potential threats such as water and food contamination and the use genetic information. Chris is one of the founders of Vizzata.