How Vizzata Works

Discover the questions on participants minds

Vizzata is an online tool for researchers to quickly explore the reactions of participants to prompt material.

Case study: Consumer perceptions of the horse meat issue

Two days after the horse meat story broke in January 2013, a Vizzata study was conducted in under 48 hours with 44 consumers from the UK & Ireland.

The study was completed before the agencies concerned had commissioned any research, and provides valuable insight into the perceptions of consumers at the time.

Using Vizzata, stakeholders in major media events can, for the first time, access detailed insight on public reactions to a news story as it breaks.

About the Method

Government, industry and a range of organisations are increasingly aware that it is important to engage with people to find out what their views are - Vizzata is one way of doing this.

It enables engagement at very short notice and also provides a way of continuing these conversations over a period of time.

Using Vizzata, stakeholders can discover what people think about an issue, and importantly what questions they are asking about it.
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